Secret Recipe Skull Sanders - Shirt Club Week No. 18


Secret Recipe Skull Sanders - Gray on a 100% Cotton Smoke Charcoal T- Shirt

It's no Secret that Skull Sanders is the Print Mafia Mascot. We both love all the old KFC design and who are we kidding the food too. Both Jim and Connie have loved the Colonel imagery since childhood. 

Many moons ago we created Skull Sanders. It took about 4 minutes to make and he was first used on a Buckethead concert poster. After that we adopted him as our mascot and think of him as maybe the best thing we have ever done. 

We currently have a Gallery Show here in Bowling Green at the Southern KY Performog Art Center (SkyPAC). The title is Secret Recipe and the show is entirely based around Skull Sanders art pieces. We usually don't tinker with him but for this show we found ourselves creating many layered and distressed images of Skull Sanders.

We decided to offer up this first ever variation on the standard Skull Sanders as a T- Shirt for the Shirt Club to make it special and limited edtion for the supporters of the club so far.

We hope you will pick up this shirt and enjoy some of our Print Mafia Kentucky Fried Design®.