Over the Edge - Rated PM Movie Series


First in a series of posters paying tribute to the favorite movies of our youth. These films were shown on TV usually late at night on cable channels such as Cinemax or they were movies that were just so influential to us that we wanted to create what we as fans wanted to see as the poster for these films.  These movies are Rated PM for Print Mafia favorites.

Limited Edition - Signed and Numbered Prints

Over the Edge (1979) - The protagonists of this film are the teen-aged offspring of the residents of a planned suburban community. This bland little town has been designed with conformity in mind. Consequently, the kids rebel by drinking themselves sick, dealing in drugs, and indulging in deadly violence. - Rotten Tomatoes





Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Cover Stock

Colors: 3