Damien - Shirt Club Week No. 27


Damien - Chilling White on a Darkest Black 100% Cotton T-Shirt

We both LOVE classic horror movies. In our minds the early 70's - mid 80's gave us some of the best there are in terms of a truly well made lasting impact horror films. No gore, no cheap CGI tricks just good stories and slow pacing that allow a film to sink in and stick with you. The themes of the best of these are usually evil  - Satan, Satan Worshippers, Witches, The Devil or just unexplainable phenomena. One of our favorites is The Omen. The tale of the secretly adopted boy that would wreak havoc on the Thorn family. IF you have not seen The Omen we promise you will like it. Please check it out.

Size: S-3X

Have Hope


A print that combines our love of 'Zine art, old ads, Bob Dobbs conspiracy style and photographing our own toys. 


Size: 11"x17"

Material: 100# French Black Construction Stock

Colors: 1

This Pope is Dope - Shirt Club Week No. 26


This Pope is Dope - Vatican White on a 100% Cotton Pure Black shirt.

We created this weeks shirt based on Pope Francis' US visit and the overall reaction to it. We usually steer clear of "Newsworthy or Topical Subject Matter" and stick to things we find interesting but that definition pretty much sums up this guy. The shirt speaks for itself. Pope Francis is sort of kicking ass and taking names during his time in the US. We wanted this shirt to look like something one of us would have bought during our college years in the late 80's and early 90's. It's simple and clear with a punk attitude. Much like Pope Francis.


Godspeed You! Black Emperor

$15.00 On Sale!

Poster for Godspeed You! Black Emperor in Nashville.


Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Cover Stock

Colors: 2

Best Coast

$15.00 On Sale!

Poster for the the Best Coast show in Nashville TN featuring Sharon Tate.

Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Cover Stock

Colors: 3

Monks Shirt Club Week No. 25


Monks - Multi Color on a Natural 100% Cotton T-Shirt

Monks is the result of 4 parts of different concert posters and art prints that are some of our favorite images. When we came up with this image we were in the earliest days of experiementing with overlaps and transparent inks. We do this kind of printing on a regular basis now but we wanted  to show you a bit of our early process. The image doesn't really make any sense visually except that it somehow conveys the dark mystrious side that sometimes is found in our favorite Rock music.




A new lapel pin featuring the Print Mafia Mascot "Skull Sanders".

Metal Die Cut Heavy Pin with Rubber Back Closure.


Size: 1.5" Die Cut Pin

Material: Metal Pin

Weapons Mens Blue Shirt
Weapons Mens Red Shirt
Weapons Mens Blue Shirt Weapons Mens Red Shirt

Weapons - Shirt Club Week No.24


Weapons - 

Bruise Version - Black on a Blue 90/10 Cotton Blend shirt.

Blood Version - Black on a Red 90/10 Cotton Blend Shirt

Choose color from the drop down menu.

We have always loved 'zine art. It is a big influence on our Cut/Paste/Destroy style of imagery. We have collected and saved thousands of pieces of paper with various random photocopied images on them for nearly 18 years. Sometimes we just like to place images we like on transparencies and then place those over existing black and white copies to see what unintended layers we get. WEAPONS is one of our favrite resuts from those expiriments. Lightning bolts and guns - can't go wrong with either and together they make a pretty powerful weapon.



Jesus Robin - Shirt Club Week No. 23


Jesus Robin - Black ink on a Light Olive 100% Cotton T-shirt.

"There's a whole lot of Jesus in our work."  At least that's what we like to say. Our PM Jesus comes in many shapes and forms. Usually iconic and controversial and sometimes hilarious. We aren't poking fun or being blasphemous. The Jesus image that we use to cut and paste in various ways came from a Holy Card that Jim has had since he was a young mischievious Catholic school boy. Both Jim and Connie have a love and appreciation for beautiful religous imagery and enjoy using it in our art whenver the oportunity pops up.  We call this one Jesus Robin: the Boy Saviour.


Oakland Sanders Shirt


Our Official Mascot Skull Sanders all suited up in the greatest sports logo of all time.

Silver Ink on a 100% Cotton Black Tultex T-Shirt

Size: S-2X


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