Skull Sanders Secret Recipe - Shirt Club Greatest Hits No.2


Skull Sanders Secret Recipe  Shirt Club Greatest Hits No.2 - Vintage Gray ink on a super soft 100% Cotton Charcoal T-Shirt

This was by far one of our most popular, asked about and requested shirts of the entire first year of Shirt Club.

It's no Secret that Skull Sanders is the Print Mafia Mascot. We both love all the old KFC design and who are we kidding the food too. Both Jim and Connie have loved the Colonel imagery since childhood. 

Many moons ago we created Skull Sanders. It took about 4 minutes to make and he was first used on a Buckethead concert poster. After that we adopted him as our mascot and think of him as maybe the best thing we have ever done. 

We decided to offer up this first ever variation on the standard Skull Sanders as a T- Shirt for the Shirt Club to make it special and limited edtion for the supporters of the club so far.

We hope you will pick up this shirt and enjoy some of our Print Mafia Kentucky Fried Design®.

Size: S-3X

Material: Anvil 980 Tee



Official poster for the GWAR Exit/In show in Nashville on 11-18-15.

Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Cover Stock

Colors: 2

Print Mafia Knit Sock Hat



Our old school Print Mafia Jacquard knit beanie with cuff is made by experienced knitters with great attention to detail.

This beanie features knit-in block letters reading Print Mafia. Colors: Black, White and Silver Gray.

Made in the USA.

Size: One Size Fits All

13/69 - Shirt Club Greatest Hits No.1


13/69 Greatest Hits Shirt Club No.1 - Mustard, White and Aqua on a 100% Cotton Charcoal T-Shirt

This was one of our most popular, asked about and requested shirts of the entire first year of Shirt Club. This graphic is from a limited edition Print Mafia test print and is one of the best examples of our Cut/Paste/Destroy design style. Over the month many buyers let us know how much they liked the style, fit and comfort of the Tee as well as how often they get complements on the design. We love this shirt and think you will too.



Poster commisioned by the band Flipper for Hasslefest.

Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Cover Stock

Colors: 2

High Fidelity - Shirt Club Week No. 32


High Fidelity - Faded white on a black super soft 100% Cotton Anvil 980 T-shirt.

Vintage elctronics are a passion of ours at Print Mafia. We grew up with clunky seventies and eighties 8-Track and Cassette players. Some were brushed metal, some brightly colored hard plastic but htey were all beautiful to us It didn't matter that they were a pain in the ass to use and you almost always got the buttons stuck or torn off or that most times the battery covers went missing and you had  to tape the batteries in place. We had to have our music and had to have it when we were on the go. If you feel the same nostalgic love for the audio electronics of the past then show your appreciation by wearing HIGH FIDELITY from Shirt Club.

KISS Vintage Skull Shirt


We worked up our own version of a classic design worn by Gene Simmons in the early days of KISS. Gene wears it many times in candid photo shoots and as an on stage costume. We like it's simplicity and how it stood out as a part of Gene's early Demon look and yet stil works as a modern looking design. 

Printed is super soft discharge inks that become part of the shirt fabric after washing.

See attached photos as reference of original design.

Size: S-2X

Jesus Mouse CLub - Shirt Club Week No. 31


Jesus Mouse Club - Vintage Gray on a 100% Cotton super soft Smoke T-Shirt

Our good friend, Rock Music and Rock Art archivist and author Paul Grushkin has said about us "There's a lot of Jesus in their work."  This could be taken a few ways but it is also literally true. We have many muses. One of the oldest and most personal is the Jesus image that we took first in 1997 from a Holy Card from Jim's childhood and used on a  Jesus Lizard poster. We have put him in many situations and disguises ever since. Jesus Mouse Club is one of our favorites becasue it combines our favorite muse with one of our favorite places in the world - Disneyland. 

The Exorcist - Shirt Club Week No. 30


The Exorcist "Fighting Demons" - Black on a Varsity Athletic Gray 100% Cotton T-Shirt.

It has been called the Scariest Movie of All Time. It is a must watch each year leading up to Halloween for both of us here at Print Mafia. They will never be able to match this movie in terms of horror in our opinions. But let's face it the imagery that is most commonly used for the movie is frightening and downright gross. Who wants to wear that on a shirt. We chose to go the "insider" route for this Exorcist Shirt Club tee. In another life Father Damien Karras may have been the understanding educator priest to a rowdy group of teenage Catholic School kids. Instead he made the ultimate sacrifice and saved a young girl from an ancient demon and died to protect her. We like to imagine that this would have been the gym class shirt used at Father Karras' Catholic School to represent the Father Karras Catholic School Fighting Demons in 1973.



FreeBirds - We could use a little freedom these days.


Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Cover Stock

Colors: 2


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