In the digital download age packaging in the film and music industry has become an afterthought. Not with Print Mafia – we will still go out of our way in our personal lives to purchase a physical copy of a movie or album if the packaging is appealing. It doesn’t have to be costly or elaborate to give people something tangible to purchase. Good design goes a long way.


Clothing Graphics

We love T-Shirts. Not only do we create them for merchandise companies and bands, we make them for ourselves to promote our own Print Mafia brand. We strive to make T-shirts that become favorites. We feel that not only is the graphic important but the fit and fabric are as well. We are happy to consult with you on all aspects of shirts and other clothing to make a successful product.


Skateboards and Snowboards

We grew up immersed in the skate culture of the 80’s and pride ourselves in knowing what makes a great board graphic. Our board graphics run the gamut from clean and simple to grunge and grit. We can create eye-catching images for bowls, street or snow as well as accessories and brand merchandise to fill out your skate or snow line.



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