Detroit Cobras: Tina #1


Size: 10 x 23

Material: White 100# Finch Index Stock

Colors: 2

Single Event Posters

Print Mafia will work with you in a easy collaborative style to create a unique poster for your event. We will research your event, consider your needs and then put our own cut and paste style to work to make a poster that we would want to buy if we saw it and that your audience will be stoked to own. We have designed posters for a wide variety of clients and projects -

• Concerts
• Film Screenings
• Book Releases
• Grand Openings
• Product Release
• Weddings and Parties
• Commemoratives
• Personal Projects
• Private Commissions


Tour Series Posters

One of our favorite types of design projects is collaborating with bands on a series of posters for each show on their tour. It can be a challenge to design a single concert poster that successfully represents a band and their music. From time to time we are tasked with creating posters for multiple dates on a tour. We welcome the opportunity to dig deep into our creative pockets and come up with a consistent style or theme that will carry across the series of posters and be a must own piece of memorabilia for the concertgoer and poster collector.  

Some of our Tour Series Clients include:

• The Shins
• Tool
• Marilyn Manson
• Lucinda Williams


Festival Posters

A festival poster differs from a single band concert poster in that it needs to represent the identity of the festival and not a single style of music. It should have a look and feel that conveys the spirit of the event. We strive to find the perfect image, mascot or style to suit a variety of music styles and still appeal to the masses.



Who doesn’t love magazines and books? Part of what is so appealing about these literary works is the art that usually accompanies the articles or text. Our style would never be termed mainstream and that’s what makes it perfect to grab attention as an editorial illustration or book cover. 


Tour Merchandise

Some of our earliest hired work was concert merchandise design. It is still one of our favorite things to create. Combining the look and style of a band with concepts related to their specific tours and applying that to shirts, stickers, posters and collectibles is not only fun but it also brings out the music geek in both of us. Good merch allows the fan to continue to recall and experience that great live show every time they wear the tour shirt or look at that poster. Let us help you provide that merchandise. 



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