Melvins-Nashville 2015


Official poster for the Exit-In show in Nashville on 7.5.15.

This poster sold out at the show and we have very few copies online.


Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Index Stock

Colors: 2

Iris - Shirt Club No. 14


Iris - Minty Green ink on a 100% Cotton Forest Green shirt.

"All the animals come out at night."

Taxi Driver is one of the best movies ever. No arguments. The story, the characters, the performances and the cinematography that captures the slazy Mid-70's New York City are all fantastic. The look of t his film is everything that Print Mafia® is about. We did a set of two Cinema Series prints that featured Travis and Iris. We captured a few multi layered images of Iris in the process and chose to revisit one of those double Iris looks for a T-shirt. You can wear this vintage looking shirt and show your appreciation for Taxi Driver and Print Mafia all at once. Get in the Club!


Shirt Club Week No. 13 - Mr. Owley


Mr. Owley - Turquoise and Cortez Gold and Tan on a 100% Black Tee Shirt.

Men's and Ladies sizes available.


Owls are cool. Owls are also spooky. There's no way around it. For Week 13 we chose to combine the cool yet spooky occultist Aleister Crowley with a favorite animal subject of ours. Mr. Owsley is an interesting figure in history and his involvement in magic, philosophy and religion is as fascinating as the mysterious owl. If you aren't familiar with him he is worth looking up. Either way this shirt will surely be a good converation starter.


Print Mafia for Winners - Shirt Club No.12


Print Mafia is for Winners - Solid Black on a 100%  Cotton Heather Gray shirt.

Although we have been doing designs for nearly 20 years we have really never taken the time to do much design for ourselves for self promotion or identity. As we move more towards being a product line driven company we have started to think about our own brand and experiment with looks and styles that we like for ourselves.  So... here is a simple badge based design for Print Mafia and we hope you like it. If it goes over well we may have to do more and maybe expand on this idea.



Shirt Club Week No. 11 - Baseball Furies


Baseball Furies - NYC Navy on an Ice Blue 100% Cotton T-shirt.

One of our favorite old mvies is The Warriors. IF you have not seen this film do yourself a favor and check it out.  The IMDB synopsis says it all. "In 1979 a charismatic leader summons the street gangs of New York City in a bid to take it over. When he is killed, The Warriors are falsely blamed and now must fight their way home while every other gang is hunting them down to kill them."

There are many gangs in the movie and while you may find yourself as most do rroting for the Warriors to get hoem safely we have always loved the Baseball Furies best. 


This image was first used by PM on a Murder City Devils concert poster and we decided to add our own gang name to it with a standard Baseball swoosh to make a studio logo. 


JFK63 - Shirt Club Week No. 10


JFK63 - Red, White, Orange and Pillbox Pink on a 100% Cotton Smoke Shirt

Anyone familiar with Print Mafia knows of our fond fascination and obsession with the Kennedys and the Assasination of JFK. This particular piece is a mashup of parts from our Marilyn Manson Dallas poster and our AC/DC Nasville poster.  Whether you are a conspiracy buff or a lone gunman believer  this shirt will be a sure conversation starter.



Size: 16" x 20"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Index Stock

Colors: 4

RIDE ETERNAL - Shirt Club Week No. 9


RIDE ETERNAL - White Ink on 100% Cotton Black Shirt

MAD MAX FURY ROAD - This is easily Connie and Jim's favorite action movie of the last 10 years. All aspects of the film play on things we love. The attention to detail with the vehicles, the wardrobe, the makeup and epic cinematography all combime for a great film ride.


 We chose to create a design based on a great quote from Immortan Joe to Nux "I myself will carry you to the gates of Valhalla... you will ride eternal, shiny and chrome!"






PEACE - Shirt Club Week No. 8


PEACE - Sky Blue and Freedom Red on a 100% Cotton Heathered Gray T-Shirt.

Available in Men's and Women's sizes.

We have always liked patriotic designs and eagles in particular. While those images are usually associated with war and conflict we think there is nothing that can show your love for  American more than wanting Peace. This design was inspired by a vintage playing card and was used for the Kings of Leon in the past.



Lady Frankenstein

Lady Frankenstein


Not your classic beauty...


Size: 10" x 16"

Material: Soft White 100# Finch Index Stock

Colors: 6


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