Electric Ladyland Shirt Club

We have always loved robots, fembots and any images of vintage music and video/camera equipment. We also have a great selection of home repair Do It Yourself manuals with solid pictures of electronic parts. In the past we have replaced many face parts with various robot looking pieces. This lady that we found was perfectly suited to be rebuilt better, stonger, faster and louder with zoom vision and lightning bolt super powers. We had the technology to rebuild her so we did. We hope you like Electric Ladyland as much as we liked making her.

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Shirt Club Guest Artist

We asked our new friend The Type Hunter to collaborate with us on our Inaugural Shirt Club Guest Artist Series. We were super pleased when he took us up on the offer and are in love with the old school design he provided. Keith Tatum (The Type Hunter) has worked with brands such as Bose, Sherwin-Williams and Kohler. He earned a BFA in illustration with a minor in advertising design at Columbus College of Art and Design. He shares vintage typography to large followings on Instagram Pinterest and Dribbble. Please follow him on social media and also please consider picking up this first ever Shirt Club Guest Artist Series T-Shirt. Link to purchase below. Read more about Keith here in Communication Arts

Products featured in this post:

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