SHIRT CLUB Greatest Hits!

This was one of our most popular, asked about and requested shirts of the entire first year of Shirt Club. This graphic is from a limited edition Print Mafia test print and is one of the best examples of our Cut/Paste/Destroy design style. Over the month many buyers let us know how much they liked the style, fit and comfort of the Tee as well as how often they get complements on the design. We love this shirt and think you will too.

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The Exorcist "Fighting Demons" - Black on a Varsity Athletic Gray 100% Cotton T-Shirt. It has been called the Scariest Movie of All Time. It is a must watch each year leading up to Halloween for both of us here at Print Mafia. They will never be able to match this movie in terms of horror in our opinions. But let's face it the imagery that is most commonly used for the movie is frightening and downright gross. Who wants to wear that on a shirt. We chose to go the "insider" route for this Exorcist Shirt Club tee. In another life Father Damien Karras may have been the understanding educator priest to a rowdy group of teenage Catholic School kids. Instead he made the ultimate sacrifice and saved a young girl from an ancient demon and died to protect her. We like to imagine that this would have been the gym class shirt used at Father Karras' Catholic School to represent the Father Karras Catholic School Fighting Demons in 1973.

Products featured in this post:

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