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Print Mafia has been with Mad Men since the beginning of the show. It is very much an obsession for Connie. Each season has been watched and re-watched too many times to count. The same can be said for Connie's "TV Husband" Mark Brickey of Hero Handmade Goods and the Adventures in Design Podcast. One day while discussing the show on the phone after the first season had aired talk turned to how could an art print series be made that wouldn't infringe on the intellectual property rights of the show and still remain true to the feel of the show and the relationship that Connie and Mark were feeling with these characters. Connie mentioned to Mark that she could not get the finale sales pitch scene for KODAK out of her mind and truthfully watched it over and over again and was teary eyed every time. They both set out to independently brainstorm and reconvene at a later date.

That next weekend while at the Nashville Flea Market (the home of everything you need) Connie found a vendor selling full ad pages out of old LIFE and LOOK magazines. While randomly browsing the Televisions and Electronics section there it was - a pristine copy of an actual ad for the Kodak Carousel. A call was placed to Mark and things were set in motion.

That particular pitch brings tears because of the pull of nostalgia. It isn't a true nostalgia - the world Don shows KODAK doesn't exist for him. But for Connie it does and the most touching moments take her back to a time when she was a child and also when her Mother was alive. She set about to create something of a personal tribute print and it was in the right direction but all wrong at the same time. This print needed to pull everyone in just like the KODAK Carousel pitch does at the end of the finale. It needed to be a universally felt ad style print that anyone who liked the show could connect with.

Mark took a look at the various works in progress and took the basic guts and bolts and colors of the design and tied it all together and Jim's Hand pulled screen print touch helped to bring it to a new level that was part Print Mafia part Hero. The quote had to remain and we worried that we may get a call from AMC. Instead we got online orders from the Head of Programming at the time and Connie spent an hour on the phone with him discussing Mad Men and how much they liked what we had done. He wanted to pick up copies for members of the show. Mark and Beth also had people from KODAK find the print through them.

So you see it all goes around around and back home again just like that Wheel / Carousel / Time Machine.

The print quickly sold out for both studios and a design series that was near and dear to our hearts began. We based the series around quotes from the show that jumped out at us and that we were passionate about. We've gotten busy and moved on with many other ventures - we still have a list of unused quotes that we wanted to do - but maybe just maybe we can make a finale print of our own for Season 7. A list of the Mad Men related prints still on our site is available below.

Print Mafia/Hero Handmade Goods Collaboration - TIME MACHINEPrint Mafia/Hero Handmade Goods Collaboration - TIME MACHINE

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