ZOMBIES WEREWOLVES VAMPIRES - Ghoul Green on a 100% Cotton Olive T-Shirt. Available in Men's and Women's sizes. Check the appropriate style when placing order. Seems like these three types pf monsters are everywhere today in books, movies and TV. Turns out they always have been because they are horror classics and that requires staying power. Good type must be classic and have staying power as well. Here at PM when we say words like these shown here not only do we see the creaturtes but more often than not these letter styles pop up visually for us as well. We pride ourselves on the way we CUT / PASTE / DESTROY our type and designs and this ZOMBIES WEREWOLVES and VAMPIRES graphic tee is a good examples of how we take existing vinatge type and put our spin on it. Link to view and purchase below.

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MAD MEN Burger Chef print.

With Mad Men winding down to its series finale we realized we had not produced as many prints for our Mad Men series as we had hoped. We have a long list of favorite pitches, quotes and scenes that we hoped to make before the show ended. Looks like we won't make that deadline but we were able to fit in Burger Chef. Many of you will remember Peggy Olson's pitch and this episode as being a turning point in her career and her relationship with Don and the company. It is from Season 7 Episode 7 - Waterloo and if you have not gotten that far in your viewing yet you have something to look forward to. We created our artwork from a set of vintage 60's matchbook covers from Connie's collection that she bought a few years back from an estate sale. A woman had collected nearly 5,000 matchbook covers and not one person in her family wanted them. We hope she is pleased that we value what she loved so much and we are using them in a way she probably never imagined. So please consider picking up this Mad Men Tribute print Burger Chef. The link to purchase is listed below along with a direct link to view all our Mad Men prints..

Mad Men Burger Chef PrintMad Men Burger Chef Print
Vintage Burger Chef MatchbooksVintage Burger Chef Matchbooks

Products featured in this post:

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