JFK63 Mens ShirtJFK63 Mens Shirt
JFK63 Womens ShirtJFK63 Womens Shirt

Anyone familiar with Print Mafia knows of our fond fascination and obsession with the Kennedy's and the Assassination of JFK. This particular piece is a mash-up of parts from our Marilyn Manson Dallas poster and our AC/DC Nashville poster. Whether you are a conspiracy buff or a lone gunman believer this shirt will be a sure conversation starter. Connie is particularly interested in the Kennedy Clan and will usually pick up any random magazine or book or collectible she finds in flea markets or thrift stores.We have amassed a pretty good selection of old pictures from these finds. Print Mafia has always loved the strong images of both John and Jackie and have used them in various projects over the years. There is an incredible sadness associated with the Camelot Presidency and it is always a great feeling of accomplishment when that emotion still comes through after we have run the photos through our process.

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