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Connie and Jim both love Nashvile. We are fans of the old and the new city. We have an appreciation for the history of Country Music and the city's connection to some of the best Rock N Roll of the last few years. With this print we have highlighted a few of our favorite places from our own perspective and many of the traditional spots that anyone should visit if they are hitting Music city. A tribute to one of the greatest cities for music in the world. Nashville offers up every variety of recorded and live music you could ever hope to hear and to top that off some of the best food and hospitality you could ever experience. It is Print Mafia's adopted second hometown and we were proud and pleased to create this lively print for one of our favorite cities. In collaboration with @moderngiant we're releasing a small series of prints for various cities that have had a huge influence on the music we know today. In addition to Nashville, the series will include cities like Detroit, Austin, San Francisco and Seattle to name a few. Link to purchase is below.

Music City USA Music City USA

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