HANS Sr. Shirt Club Tee

There is no more classic American Music legend and image than that of Hank Williams Sr. His story, his songs, the tragedy and the legacy combine for one of our all time favorite PM subjects. This image came from test prints done for a Hank lyrics art print we did in 2009. We have always wanted to see it as a shirt and thanks to new printing technologies that we are utilizing it can finally be made as a soft to the touch high quality shirt in full color.

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Electric Ladyland Shirt Club

We have always loved robots, fembots and any images of vintage music and video/camera equipment. We also have a great selection of home repair Do It Yourself manuals with solid pictures of electronic parts. In the past we have replaced many face parts with various robot looking pieces. This lady that we found was perfectly suited to be rebuilt better, stonger, faster and louder with zoom vision and lightning bolt super powers. We had the technology to rebuild her so we did. We hope you like Electric Ladyland as much as we liked making her.

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